Photo of Blake

Hello, I’m Blake.

Learning how to do Code.


Blake Libs

Blake Libs is a Mad Libs style game that I learned how to program from TeamTreeHouse's JavaScript TechDegree.

Time and Date

Learn about time and date!


Learn about Random

More Math

Practing more Math stuff.


The answer is JavaScript.

Random Number Guessing Game

Good Luck!

Win a Crown

Learnig about Conditional if and else if.

Math Division

Heavy stuff.

Random Fun

Random stuff.

Fun Area

Fun stuff.

Random Number Loop

Loop stuff.

Using For Loops with Arrays

Loops with Arrays stuff.

Array Shoppe

Shop Arrays now.

Two-Dimensional Arrays

2d or not 2d.

3d Quiz

3d Quizes are Hot.

Accessing Object Properties

Retrieve and set values in objects using property names using both bracket and dot notation.

Accessing Object Properties with for in

Accessing each property name and property value by looping through an object's keys.

3d Quiz Arrays and Objects

Updated the code in the 3D quiz

The Build an Object Challenge

JavaScript objects to create an array of student data. Each student's information is represented by an object.


I want to master the process of building web sites and increase my knowledge, skills and abilities in:

I’d like to work for a web design firm helping clients create an impressive online presence.